"We are Malparidos"

​We are a couple sharing the same riding passion. Chris was almost born on a bike starting with trial to motocross to speed Japanese on circuit. Myself, Ari I started way later and, as born and raised Italian, I kept for years an innate passion for my "Ducati Monster". 


We were speed addicted and fearless until the day we decided to become wiser falling under the charm of the American bikes.


Our passion lead us in founding Malparidos together in 2019, starting by developing rider’s apparel, that we keep testing ourselves approving them before all. 

As American bikes means “infinite custom options” we became a moto parts dealer ending up naturally in opening our own custom workshop where we started, at the beginning, by  customising our own bikes. Since the enjoyment in creating new projects and collaborate with talented artists became a beautiful adventure.


Our vision is to never settle down, but we take it easy and we do not rush as this is our passion and not a job. Our mindset "fast is fine, but precise is better".


Fuelled by our innate passion for performance, sound and style we keep working heads down crafting new projects and products with friends and professional partners we enjoy working with.


Meanwhile we keep dedicating ourselves in delivering the “next project” we remain focused on respecting our clients and at a hand as we, as riders, we would expect.


Ari & Chris