Malparidos is a Custom Garage, a Moto Part Distributor
Maker & Owner of the Malparidos Brand & MPRDS Exhaust System


clubstyle; 2 in 1 exhaust; MPRDS Exhaust System

About Malparidos

Established in 2019 in the Swiss Jura, our journey is fueled by an unwavering passion for American bikes. Custom creations, moto parts, and functional apparel define our brand's essence.

Driven by a relentless pursuit of performance, we constantly push boundaries.
In July 2023, we launched our latest project: our own Brand MPRDS Exhaust System. Today, it's distributed in Switzerland and across Europe, delighting Clubstyle riders.

2 in 1 exhaust system; MPRDS Exhaust System; Clubstyle; performance exhaust

A new project, a new adventure

Rev Your Ride with MPRDS Exhaust Systems

Malparidos Sàrl Moto Parts launched in July 2023  the all-new Malparidos Exhaust System for Harley-Davidson, the ultimate addition to your motorcycle customization project. 
Our exhaust system is designed to fit seamlessly into your Harley-Davidson's pipes, providing increased performance and standout looks.

MPRDS Exhaust System are only  2 in 1

  • Street legal for Europe and Switzerland (marked CE and certified)
  • For  M8 Touring 2017up /  M8 Softail 2018up / Dyna 2002-2017


From a dream to reality

Custom means a lot of things. 
It can start with a simple raise of your handlebar and end up in a total new bike where not only parts took over the STOCK PARTS.... but as well the shapes and the color of it has totally changed. 

If you have a project in mind we can support you:

  • Project planning & implementation
  • Definition of accessories and details
  • Airbrush design
  • MFK/Technical control
  • Services


Where all started in 2019

As riders ourselves we develop each product with a user mindset and experience. As when we ride we need to feel comfortable we care about each detail that allows the practical side to marry the aesthetic one. 

Malparidos is all about functionality,  quality materials and hand made finishing. 
We launch one collection a year and we keep the best selling items always available as: 

  • Armoured Flannels 
  • Armoured Hoodies 
  • Leather Vests
  • Rain Jackets

as well as some casual items as:

  • T-shirts
  • Hoodies
  • Gloves
  • Wallets
Moto Parts Clubstyle


Dealing parts of best brands

We like to suggest best quality parts and brands we like to suggest to your fellow riders.

We are official dealers of:

  • Saddlemen
  • Vity's Design
  • Lucas Carbon
  • Thrashin Supply 
  • Crossthread Cycles
  • PartsWorld
  • Motorcycle Storehouse
  • Parts Europe
  • Zodiac
  • Custom Chrome
  • Putoline

We deal over 1000 brands on request when these are not visible on the shop you can send us a mail and we will find it for you!



Malparidos, as name choice, is a STATE OF MIND

Malparidos, as brand name is a pure provocation born on a Colombian expression that Arianna learnt in her youth when friendly referring to her best South American Fellows.
Being called Malparidos in a friendly way is not a bad thing, rather, it suggests a bit of wildness.

"por qué no?" (Why not?)