American MEN bikers' clothing brand 

Inspired by the "American moto" riders, Malparidos represent a combination of timeless design, technical materials melt with the highest care to details.
Wearing a Malparidos product will allow you to define yourself! 

Malparidos est une nouvelle marque pour les motards inspirée des motos Américaines.  Matériaux techniques et attention aux details dans un style sans temps. Porter du Malparidos affirmé ton style! 

Malparidos, as name choice, is a STATE OF MIND

Founded in the Swiss Jura in 2019 & made by "American Bikers" for "American Bikers", Malparidos is all about functional apparel tested in real situation by American bikers to be protective, good looking and absolutely comfortable to wear. 

Malparidos, as brand name is a pure provocation born on a Colombian expression that the founder used in her youth when friendly referring to her best South American Fellows.
Being called Malparidos in a friendly way is not a bad thing, rather, it suggests a bit of wildness.

Get to know us

"Like all DREAMS, we started SMALL.
It took two complementary minds with a  strong common passion for the American motorbikes which allowed to create a functional and cool clothing brands and a division dedicated to the MOTO PARTS and to power!.

Today, MALPARIDOS is growing into something which was only a dream".