AGM leather solo bag for Softail

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AGM Motorcycle solo bag for Softail TwinCam & M8 up to 2022

AGM Motorcycle solo leather bag for Softail 

TwinCam & M8 up to 2022

Material and Dimensions

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Material: split cowhide or full grain leather, stiffened with plastic and reinforcing foam so that it does not deform during prolonged use and retains its shape. The product is 100% Polish

Dimensions: length 34 cm and 32 cm, height: 34 cm and 10 cm, width 14 cm Weight: 1.30 kg


About the Product

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A timeless leather solo bag with a bottle holder attached to the frame with leather straps. Bags are created with passion, often on individual orders. The idea of ​​the creators is to embellish the motorcycle and not put on a piece of hanging leather - in other words artistic jewelry for the motorcycle. The bag is not only made of high quality leather but is also extremely well thought out in technical and practical terms for the user. The side flaps on the flap additionally prevent water from getting inside the pouch - which makes it almost waterproof. "Oldschool Design" thanks to a leather strap with a metal buckle, stainless steel but hidden underneath is a quick opening using a plastic buckle. The buckles are made of durable plastic and in practice they work much better than metal ones! They do not rust, are lighter and retain their function in contact with water! Saddlebag straps are included. Inside the bag there is an additional small pocket closed with velcro, in which you can hide e.g. documents. The bag has a fashionable appearance and the highest quality finish for each element. Just "biker's Design"! From Bikers to Bikers!

AGM says:

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Our company with headquarters in Germany and Poland exists since 1989 and although her activity area was extended several times in the meantime, she always simply continued a realisation of our ideas.

The company has a family character and in view of the fact that we are bikers, we fixate the most attention on of the motorcycle branch while we connect our work with passion. All the efforts and engagement of our family doesn`t concentrate in the first place on business matters but on a creative work and realisation of our ideas and projects also taking account of course of wishes, remarks and tips of our customers, as they are the most important for us.

We are manufacturer of motorcycle bags with universal mounting system. The bags are being tested regularly on all continents and in different climate conditions. They covered thousands of kilometres, so that you can travel safe and comfortably worldwide. The ideas which accompanied us in the creative process were as follows:

  • our bags should be practical
  • they mustn`t be just a luggage - they should be a travel partner
  • you should be safe
  • your gear cannot become wet
  • you should have always free hands – and we have achieved these aims !

We produce also locks in the shape of a hand grenade for motorcycle brake discs and we are importer and distributor of many motorcycle accessories, that we import mainly from the USA, Canada and Great Britain.