MAC GLOSS Leather Balm

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Cleans, protects, nourishes and waterproofs while reviving colors. Shines without polishing. Eliminates and prevents water, salt and snow stains. 


The best leather care from Switzerland

On the market since 25 years

Leather Balm
Transparent or Black
200 ml.

Packaging : 1 piece including 1 sponge

Product information

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The best leather care from Switzerland
Known from market and fair for 25 years

Cleans, conditions, preserves, waterproofs and shines instantly. Brightens colors, keeps leather soft and supple, removes and prevents snow, salt and water marks. 

Apply MAC GLOSS Leather Balm with a soft cloth or sponge in an extremely thin layer on the surface to be treated. 

Re-polishing is no longer necessary, shines immediately.

Perfect to keep you leather vest always like new. 

Apply Mac Gloss Leather Balm in a thin layer on the area to be treated with a clean cloth. Instant shine without rubbing.

ATTENTION: use only a gentle and reduced quantity on the sponge, do not overdose the balm, it is really not needed. Just a small touch will be enough to make the job.

If you have any question about how it works, please do not hesitate to contact us.