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Ride in Style: The Dark Grey Vibe of 'EL ORIGINAL' Armoured Flannel"

Unveil the perfect synergy of protection and style with Malparidos' "EL ORIGINAL" Armoured Flannel. Elevate your ride with confidence, where every detail is crafted to blend functionality and fashion seamlessly.

Distinctive Design:
Embroidered details and iconic Malparidos logo buttons set the "EL ORIGINAL" apart in the world of flannels.

Advanced Functionality:
Crafted for the modern rider, experience unrestricted movement with features like a removable hood and underarm zipped air opening.

Enhanced Safety:
Reinforced with DuPontTM Kevlar® and equipped with 5 removable Level 2 biker protections, the "EL ORIGINAL" offers uncompromising safety without sacrificing style.

Dark Colors Exterior:
Stand out on the road with a striking Grey/Black chequered pattern that defines the "EL ORIGINAL" collection.

Embrace the thrill of the ride without compromising on style. Armoured Flannel "EL ORIGINAL" — where protection meets passion.

Product Details

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Armoured Flannels V2: Elevate Your Ride with Style and Security


  • Distinctive embroidery on the back and front for a signature look.
  • Malparidos logo buttons (M) adding a touch of uniqueness.

Exterior Features:

  • Outshell crafted from 100% cotton Flannel for a comfortable feel.
  • Striking Grey/Black chequered pattern for a modern aesthetic.
  • Front zipper with clipped bottoms ensures a secure and stylish fit.
  • 7 External pockets, including 2 bottom-down and 4 zipped pockets.
  • Removable hood for versatility in different riding conditions.
  • Underarm zipped air opening for enhanced ventilation.

Interior Highlights:

  • Enhanced protection with DuPontTM Kevlar®.
  • 1 Internal zipped pocket for secure storage.
  • Air fresh mesh lining for breathability and comfort.
  • 5 Removable Level 2 biker protections included for added safety.

Elevate your riding experience with the Armoured Flannels V2. Combining cutting-edge design with advanced features, these flannels are crafted to redefine your journey on the road.

Size or Dimensions

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EU sizes

Perfect fit with this model.
Please refer for control to the measurements here below:

Measurements in CM 

Chest circumference: 126
Waist circumference: 118
Shoulder : 52
Shirt Length :  80
Sleeve Length : 66

Chest circumference: 130
Waist circumference: 122
Shoulder : 53
Shirt Length  :  81
Sleeve Length : 67

Chest circumference: 134
Waist : 126 
Shoulder : 54
Shirt Length  : 82  
Sleeve Length : 68 



Chest circumference: 138
 Waist circumference: 130 
 Shoulder : 55
 Shirt Length  :  83
 Sleeve Length : 69 



Chest circumference: 142
 Waist circumference: 134 
 Shoulder : 56
 Shirt Length  :  84
 Sleeve Length : 70 



Chest circumference: 144
 Waist circumference: 138 
 Shoulder : 57
 Shirt Length  :  85
 Sleeve Length : 71 



Chest circumference: 146
 Waist circumference: 142 
 Shoulder : 58
 Shirt Length  :  86
 Sleeve Length : 72

Special Instructions

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Wash at low temperature. It is suggested to avoid tumbler dry.
Please remove the protections before washing.