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The beginning of a new era.

More power, more sound, more of a ride: for Harley and Indian riders, Redthunder is developed to get out all the performance from your bike.

Redthunder exhaust system has demonstrably enabled 10% more performance and is up to 50% lighter than the standard model. And that’s not the only reason to switch to Redthunder: because these are made out of top quality and top materials. Redthunder exhausts are made of stainless steel and lightweight materials, so the equipment stays rust-free, giving you a lifetime of high performance.

Redthunder was founded in 2014 in Italy and has been conquering the world ever since. All exhaust systems conform to the European regulations and are delivered with e-Mark certification.

Redthunder brings together everything that is technically possible in our time. With the most modern techniques, untamed passion and countless hours on the dyno, we’ve created the most efficient Harley exhaust system in the world.

Every system consists of three parts, which can be individually combined: three different finishes, three end caps and a removable DB killer. The ease of installation of the entire system and the ability to effortlessly switch out individual parts is unbeatable.


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